Braces and Your Smile

A beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit from having braces. Misaligned teeth (called  malocclusion) may affect more than just the appearance of your smile.  Studies have shown that misaligned teeth can result in speech impediments. It can also result in jaw or TMJ pain, difficulty chewing and eating…even gum disease and tooth decay.


Crowding and spacing of teeth is another factor to consider.  Crowding can cause teeth to overlap and rotate. They can grow into the incorrect position in the mouth. Crowding can even cause the teeth to become trapped in the bone.  Crowding makes proper brushing and flossing difficult. This can lead to tooth decay or gingivitis.

Gaps or Spacing

Gaps between teeth can also be problematic.  The most common example is diastema or a gap between the two front teeth.

Braces Dr

Aesthetics are, however, an important consideration when it comes to deciding if braces are right for you. Improved self confidence is a bonus for patients concerned with the appearance of their teeth or facial shape, and SmileMaker Orthodontics offers a complete range of braces treatment options are for correcting the look—and health—of your teeth and smile.

At SmileMaker Orthodontics we are committed to your health and beautiful smile!

There are three basic types of occlusion (or bite alignment):

  • Class I – While considered the ideal alignment of upper and lower teeth, crowding or spacing problems may still be present with the Class I bite.
  • Class II – Commonly called an “over bite” where the lower first molar is positioned posterior (or more towards the back of the mouth), while the upper jaw (or maxilla) appears to protrude forward.
  • Class III – Known as an “under bite” this condition exists when one’s lower first molar is positioned anterior (or toward the front of the mouth, while the lower jaw (or mandible) protrudes forward.
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