3D printing is gaining a great deal of attention with its potential uses within the medical and dental industries. SmileMaker Orthodontics, a forward-thinking orthodontist who serves the Hendersonville, East Nashville, Goodlettsville and Nashville, TN areas, has adopted this technology to make it quicker, easier and more affordable for you, the patient, to smile.

You can also have quite a bit of fun with it as seen in the video below.

SmileMaker Orthodontics and 3D Printing Technology

Dr. Jay Burton uses 3D printing to create precise orthodontic models that don’t involve having you bite into uncomfortable and gooey material to make a mold. Using a 3D image of your gums and teeth allows Dr. Burton to digitally align or fix your teeth accurately and quickly before printing the finished product right there in the office. SmileMaker Orthodontics can also use 3D printing to create 3D models, retainers, aligners and other orthodontic appliance that can then be printed in-house so you don’t have to wait.

Benefits of 3D Printing for Patients

Dr. Jay Burton of SmileMaker Orthodontics prides himself on his friendly, patient-centric orthodontic services for his Nashville area patients. Making orthodontic appliances using traditional methods is a time-consuming process. Using 3D printing saves a patient time and money because the use of an orthodontic laboratory to create  appliances is no longer needed. In addition, using 3D printing, in some cases, provides more accurate orthodontic services in a shorter amount of time. A 3D printer prints layers that are microns thick and that have been converted from digital images.

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3D Orthodontic Printing

3D printing might sound like science fiction but Dr. Jay Burton uses this technology everyday to provide his patients with the top-notch orthodontic care they expect and deserve.

3D Orthodontic Printing