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Types of Orthodontic Braces

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When you think about braces, you inevitably picture the traditional, clunky metal braces that we all associate with awkward adolescence.

These appliances are comprised of four partsā€”brackets, arch wires, bands, and ligature ties. However, even when opting for metal braces over other options, these appliances are smaller and lighter weight than ever before. In fact, most of what people think they know about braces is no longer true.


Brackets used in orthodontic treatment today are a great deal lighter and smaller than ever. They are bonded to each tooth with a tooth-colored bonding adhesive. The brackets serve as guides to hold the arch wire in place and to move the teeth into proper alignment.

Arch wires are those wires you see that connect the brackets. Arch wires get changed periodically throughout your treatment, as this is how tooth movement ultimately is carried out- by using arch wires that gradually increase in size during treatment.

Bands are the metal rings that sometimes go around the molars and/or bicuspids. They provide more strength to aid in moving the front teeth. We try to use the least amount of bands as possible.

Ligature ties are made of very small elastic bands that come in multiple colors or metal wire. Their purpose is to hold the arch wire in place connecting to the brackets.


We offer clear self-ligating braces as a treatment which does not require elastics to hold arch wires in place. Elastics are like bungee cords, which cause friction and pressure, making treatment slower and less comfortable.

Our Clear Orthodontics are self-ligating braces (no elastic ties to hold the arch wire in place) are smaller, more comfortable to the lips and cheek, and use a slide mechanism that eliminates the friction.

The passive self-ligating bracket whose beauty is more than skin deep. Clear braces combine the look and comfort image-conscious patients demand with the strength and functionality discriminating clinicians need.


These braces are completely customized for each patient and run along the inside of the teeth instead of the outside for a more discreet look. This means that they are completely invisible to everyone you meet and talk to.

They are designed specifically for your needs, one tooth at a time, perfectly positioned to fix the contours of your teeth to provide ideal comfort and the best end result. Your normal mouth movements will never feel uncomfortable with this system.


The metal braces we offer are far superior when compared to the metal braces of the past. These offerings are smaller, more comfortable, and more effective.

As we believe in continuing our education, we are always learning about new offerings that provide patients with better and more comfortable solutions. This means that we will always offer you the best in the industry.


These braces are perfect for bold patients who want to use their braces as an accessory to their look. The dramatic flair of a gold enhanced smile is popular right now and it is certainly a way to make treatment more enjoyable.

These braces come with the added benefit that gold is incredibly durable, making them highly functional for orthodontic treatment. We offer several options for you to choose from.