Adult Orthodontics near me – Braces Dr. Jay Burton is Super

Futer super orthodontist that does braces near meAdult Orthodontics near me - Braces Dr. Jay Burton is Super

Friends are one of the most important things that make the world a happier place. With the right kind of friends, you know that you have the support and camaraderie you need to power through each day. At SmileMaker Orthodontics, you aren't simply their patient, you are also part of their family and lifelong friends.

Dr. Jay Burton: The Friendly, Superhero Orthodontist!

Dr. Jay Burton has a passion for what he does and it shows in the enthusiasm and joy he brings to his interactions with each of his patients. Whether you are a child who is apprehensive about getting braces, a teen who isn't sure that braces will fit into their wardrobe or an adult who is eager to finally have the type of smile they've always dreamed of, Dr. Jay and his equally enthusiastic staff work closely with you to develop the ideal treatment plan. At SmileMaker Orthodontics, they are truthful and upfront about their intentions -- they want to make perfect smiles for all of their patients!

SmileMaker Orthodontics and Being Afraid

At SmileMaker Orthodontics, Dr. Jay and his team know, for some people, even going to the dentist can make them a bit afraid. When you throw in getting braces, sometimes it can be difficult to keep the big picture in mind. Being friendly, welcoming and passionate is simply part of the SmileMaker Orthodontics way of life. near Hendersonville, TN.  This quote from Ms. Marvel sums it up well as far as the way friendly Superhero Dr. Jay feels:

"...when you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places." -- Ms. Marvel

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Jay has been passionately changing the way people in the Nashville area near me in Hendersonville, TN, feel about their smiles. While you will encounter lots of eager faces who are ready to take your smile to the next level, what you won't find at SmileMaker Orthodontics is a cold, stuffy or clinical atmosphere. Fun, friendly and fabulous are all attributes that describe the team that you'll find at SmileMaker Orthodontics each time you arrive at your appointment.

Now with two convenient locations -- in Madison and Gallatin -- SmileMaker Orthodontics near me in 37075 is the orthodontics office where you feel like you're family. They serve Hendersonville, Goodlettesville, Nashville and the surrounding communities. Dr. Jay Burton and his vivacious team extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to drop by or contact them to make an appointment so you can enjoy a brand new smile!