East Nashville Orthodontist

Meet Abby!

Have you met our lab tech yet?? Well I am here to tell you how awesome she is! Abby makes all of our aligners and retainers in house! She can do this because Dr. Burton is a Planmeca rep, which means we can make all of our aligners here at the office! Dr. Burton works up the case & Abby makes all the trays!!

Here are 5 fun facts about our favorite lab technician!

  1. She has two different colored eyes! One is blue and one is brown!
  2. She has the sweetest pup named Charleigh and a kitten named Frankie!
  3. Dr. Burton was Abby's orthodontist and treated her with braces for a year and a half!
  4. Abby is only 19!
  5. Abby has traveled to 19 states and her goal is to travel to all 50!

The orthodontic conference is in Hawaii next year, we're hoping we can convince Dr. Burton to take us so Abby can add to her number of states she's visited!