What Orthodontic Patients Need to Know About 3D X-rays (CBCT)


Super Hero's have 3D Xray VisionWhat Orthodontic Patients Need to Know About 3D X-rays (CBCT)

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Dental x-rays are a vital tool that Dr. Jay Burton at SmileMaker Orthodontics uses to easily and effectively evaluate, diagnose and treats a multitude of issues for his dental patients in the Goodlettsville and East Nashville, TN areas. Some patients find traditional x-rays challenging to undergo so SmileMaker Orthodontics uses a technology known as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to obtain 3D x-rays. This innovative tool makes it easier for Dr. Burton to give his orthodontic braces patients the amazing and healthy smile they've always wanted.

What Happens During a 3D X-Ray

A quick and painless procedure that is non-invasive, a 3D x-ray requires only that you stand still in the position the dental staff places you in for about 5-10 seconds. As you gently bite down, the CBCT will move panoramically around your head to deliver a thorough image of your head, jaw and neck.

Benefits of Your Nashville Dentist Using a 3D X-Ray

SmileMaker Orthodontics uses a CBCT to obtain x-rays from their Hendersonville, TN dental patients because of the numerous benefits that such technology provides. These 3D images can be obtained in just a few seconds, making them perfect for children with their short attention spans.Ultra Low Dose CBCT images also offer a reduced amount of radiation exposure while delivering better quality images when compared to traditional x-rays.

3D X-ray skull cbct orthodontic

The single scan that results from a CBCT delivers multiple angles and views of a patient's soft tissues and bones which provides a more precise treatment and planning environment.

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