Adult Orthodontics & Braces Testimonial Video #2

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Adult Orthodontics Braces Testimonial Video #2

At SmileMaker Orthodontics, we hope you enjoy the second video regarding adult orthodontic treatment.[/fusion_text][vimeo id=”35520885″ width=”700″ height=”350″ autoplay=”yes” api_params=”” class=””][fusion_text]

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

In this video, Vincent discusses how at one point in his life he felt like he couldn't smile.  Have you ever felt like you didn't want to smile because of your teeth?  If so, then you will likely relate to this video.  Call our office today for a complimentary consultation from our board certified orthodontist, Dr. Jay Burton.  He will be happy to discuss with you the treatment options available and will design a treatment plan specifically for you.  Choose a board certified orthodontist and receive the highest quality care available from Dr. Jay Burton and his handpicked staff at SmileMaker Orthodontics.

With SmileMaker Orthodontics and Dr. Jay on your side, you too can have the smile you've always dreamed about.  We will provide you the highest quality care and treatment available at the most affordable prices for braces in the Nashville and Hendersonville area.   Vince is so glad he chose an orthodontist for his care and Dr. Burton is not only an orthodontist, but he is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.  Dr. Burton is one of the only board certified orthodontists in the region.  SmileMaker Orthodontics has two convenient locations. One is located next to Goodlettsville Pediatrics in Rivergate and the other is located in Gallatin, TN with Children's Dentistry of Gallatin

Today, having straight teeth doesn't necessarily mean two years of long drawn out treatment with a lot of metal braces in your mouth. If you are a teen or an adult who is looking for a mostly invisible way to straighten your teeth, SmileMaker Orthodontics offers innovative Invisalign braces. Do you live in the Goodlettsville, Madison, Hendersonville, Gallatin or Nashville areas? Dr. Jay Burton and his awesome team of qualified professionals are standing by to help you make the most of your smile. Dr. Jay and his staff work tirelessly to provide each patient with the best care in Hendersonville, TN.   SmileMaker Orthodontics is a member of the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce. Contact their office today to take advantage of their free consultation and start your journey to an amazing smile![/fusion_text][/fullwidth]